Our Difference

Years of Experience

Four Season travel and tour has years of experience in the travel industry since 1993 and we are one of the pioneer tour operator in the country and this has allowed the us to build strong connections in the travel industry

More Choices and low price

Our Experts can provide you with a wide variety of options, quotes, and vacation choices to choose from so that you can pick the best vacation possible based on your personal needs and desires!Our Low Price Guarantee is available to travelers who have booked escorted tour or vacation package with us because we are working with different stakeholder in the industry and we have a discount from hotels lodge and so on.

You Save your time and money:

We believe that our experience, reputation and genuine desire to provide you with the most interesting vacation for the least amount of money possible sets us apart from the rest. We value family; you will be treated as family. That is our promise to you!  Contact us anytime and we’ll arrange the tour of your dreams. We are focused exclusively on the best African history and culture destinations specifically: We have years’ experience in expertly serving our clients.

Support the local communities: Your money goes straight into the local community that lived on the destination area by using locally based companies.

Freedom to go anywhere, anytime, anyplace:
There is no set itinerary from the tours operators that you must stick to because of travelling in a big group so when you arrange your trip you can plan to see whatever interests you.
However travel in Ethiopia is a true life adventure! We will arrange exiting excursions in the nearby surroundings, and to further away destinations all over Ethiopia. Everything will be tailored according to your wishes.

Best service

Through service and price, we offer the best overall value when it comes to your dream getaway. It’s a common misconception that you have to pay more for the services of a travel expert. With for season you’ll have real expertise, valuable pricing, and unparalleled customer service for the same package when you compare us with other competitor on the field?

Hassle-Free Experience

Save time surfing the Internet for hours; Four Season travel and tour Expert will find exactly what you need and help you put together your dream vacation from beginning to end! Whether you’re retracing the places where your ancestors grew up, gathering the entire family for a reunion at, or even just traveling on a simple weekend getaway, for season travel and tour Experts have experience planning it all! Our vacation planning will be completely hassle-free our Expert will be eliminating all of the footwork for you. Came and walk with us on the foot print of your ancestor

You will get professional service

Four season travel and tour Expert you’ll work with is a ‘real person’ who will professionally assess your wants and needs to create the vacation of a lifetime. To make things convenient, you can contact your for season travel and tour Expert directly without having to worry about being limited to certain business hours, being passed off to someone else,

Problem solving capacity

In case of a delayed flight, missed connection, weather problem, or any other unexpected circumstance that could arise, your, For Season travel and tour Expert is available on call to help resolve any issue as soon as possible! Not to mention, because our Express Travel Representative, our customers will have access to all Travel Services located within any part of the country.