Castle Of Gondar

Ethiopia’s largest and most impressive cities, with its walled Royal
Enclosure. Gondar’s most famous monuments are its exceptionally well
preserved 17th century castles. The largest and best is that of King
Fasilidas. It is a stone-built construction with round turrets and
wooden balconies, and is notable for its Medieval Castles and

The city’s unique Imperial compound contains a number of
Castles built between 1632 and 1855 by various Emperors who reigned
during this period. These dramatic Castles, unlike any other in
Africa, display richness in architecture that reveals the Axumite
traditions as well as the influence of Arabia. Other treasures of
Gondar include the 18th century palace of Ras Bet, the bath of
Fasiledes, the ruined palace of Kusquam, and the church of Debre
Berhan Selassie with its unique murals.