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The Great Rift Valley

Ethiopia Rift Valley

Explore the splendor of the famous East African Rift Valley in Ethiopia. It is a geological relic of the critical weakening in the earth's crust along two roughly parallel faults which opened some 20 million years ago, the world's largest geological divide. This great scar of the rift valley slashes across Ethiopia like a giant sword cut. The floor of this valley is marked by a chain of seven lakes: each different and worth a visit for its own specialties. The variety, color and charm of the rift valley lakes' rich bird life constitute the most natural wonder along this route, making Ethiopia the naturalist's delight- ideal for bird watching, sunbathing and aquatic sports. There are more than 860 species of birds in Ethiopia out of which some 28 of them are found only in Ethiopia. The wealth of natural attraction abound in the country also includes abundant wildlife. Many of Africa's wildlife, including the 'five big' are found in Ethiopia. The biggest mammal on earth - Elephant, the biggest antelope - Eland as well as the smallest antelope known to science 'dik dik', are all natives to Ethiopia. There also seven unique larger mammals found only in this country. The Walia Ibex, Gelada Baboon, Mountain Nyala, Ethiopian Wolf, Wild Ass, Menelik's Bush Buck and Swaine's Hartebeest, All can be seen but only in the boundaries of Ethiopia. There are nine national parks and four sanctuaries in the country, primarily established to protect these unique assets of the country and to help visitors enjoy this vast resource.

Calendar and Time

Ethiopia follows the Julian calendar, which has 12 months of 30 days and a 13th month of five or six days. New year starts on September the 11th. The Ethiopian Calendar is seven years and eight months behind the Gregorian Calendar, hence our motto: 'come to Ethiopia and be 7 years younger'! Ethiopia is in GMT +3 hours zone; days starting at sunrise: dawn being 12 am, midday 6pm, dusk 12pm Ethiopian time

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