There are a number of good hotels sometimes even in the remotest parts of the country. The choice of hotels in Addis Ababa ranges from the luxurious Sheraton and Hilton to tourist class hotels. There are also standard hotels with comfortable accommodation and essential amenities all along the main tourist routes and most urban centers.

Sheraton Hotel
TDS hotel
Jupiter International hotel (1)
Ambassader Apartement Hotel
Harmony hotel
Beer Garden international
Rivera hotel
Yordanos hotel
Ibex hotel
Ethiopia Hotel
Adot-Tina hotel
Queen of sheba hotel
Axum hotel
Hilton Hotel
Yolly Addis hotel
Jupiter International hotel (2)
Mariot hotel
De Leopol hotel
Bole international hotel
Tegen Guest Accommodation hotel
Global hotel
crown hotel
Semien hotel
Ras Amba hotel
Imperial Hotel
Kings Hotel

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