About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the beautiful ancient world states that have a long history of more than 3000 years. This is evidenced by the prevalence of centuries old monuments, buildings, churches and mosques, which are quaint and unique. Ethiopia is also known as being the cradle of humankind-the world’s earliest known hominid ‘Lucy’ or ‘Dinknesh’ meaning “thou art wonderful” discovered in 1974 believed to be our common ancestor. This important archeological finding combined with many other prehistoric discoveries including the Stone Age tools up to 1.7million Years old and vibrant cave paintings bears testimony to Ethiopia’s remarkable antiquity. Ethiopia’s history is woven with fascinating facts and legends: the visit of Ethiopia’s Queen of Sheba (Makida as known locally) to Israel to meet king Solomon, the journey of The Ark Of The Covenant which is now resting in Axum and the Axumite Kingdom and much more are of great interest to discerning traveler.

Ethiopia has diversified ethnic groups that have unique culture, language, custom, and value. Ethiopia is a marvelous country endowed with contrasting natural environment that ranges from the 4th Africa peak Semin Mountain to the world deepest spot of the Dallol Depression (120 Mts below sea level). This natural phenomenon enables Ethiopia to be enriched with several endemic flora and faunas. Today significant numbers of tourists travel to Ethiopia to visit historical, cultural and natural places.

Having an immense cultural wealth, Ethiopia is known as a country of mosaic of cultures.83 languages and 200 dialects are spoken throughout the country. You find harmony in diversity among the peoples of Ethiopia-all having their own ways of clothing, hairstyles, songs, dances and arts, all unique in their own way. In addition, they have unique faith, food, calendar way of time and unique alphabet.
The festivals of Ethiopia are also colorful, fascinating and are all year round. Both traditional and religious festivals are celebrated by its diverse ethnic groups with their picturesque native lives in their most rustic settings. Please see list of events and festivals in Ethiopia under traveler’s information page. The other colorful and engaging cultural phenomena are the Ethiopian coffee ceremony, held either in individual homes or hotels that make your visit to Ethiopia unforgettable.