Welcome to the official website of FSTA (Four Seasons Trave & Tour Agency). FSTA) is a private limited company offering a wide variety of tours through out Ethiopia, year round.  We also handle air travel ticketing (domestic and international), hotel reservations as well as car hire services. FSTA is a medium sized tour operator, neither too big nor too small, just the right size to give those intimate and personalized services.


Sheraton Hotel - Addis Ababa

Hilton Hotel -  Addis Ababa

Ghion Hotel - Addis Ababa

National Hotel - Addis Ababa

Wabi Shebelle Hotel - Addis Ababa

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Car Hire





(ADD) Addis Ababa - (BJR) Bahir Dar

(ADD) Addis Ababa - (DIR) Dire Dawa

(ADD) Addis Ababa - (LLI) Lalibella

(ADD) Addis Ababa - (GDQ) Gondar

(ADD) Addis Ababa - (MQX) Mekelle


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